Cutting Edge Hydro Graphics

inventors of "Afterglo" hydro graphics!

Shark Bite Custom is proud to introduce "AfterGlo". Until now there hasn’t been a way to appreciate Hydro Graphics in the dark unless a light was directed on the object.  Not anymore.  Shark Bite Custom invented the “AfterGlo” patent pending process so that the object can self emit light in a choice of colors so that the print can be visible in the dark. 

                                Daylight                                                                            Dark Room




Our AfterGlo process can be applied to just about anything and is very durable.  There are many colors to choose from as well as prints to be overlayed on top.  Please call us at: (754) 366-6798 to discuss your project ideas.

Attention hydro graphic companies and applicators, if you are interested in learning and applying our patent pending process, please contact us for license agreement information.  Any unauthorized projects will be subject to patent infringement proceedings.